About us

Operator of the H40 is OSE (Organisation for Support in Education) Czech Republic, a non-profit organisation working 10 years in the field of education and innovation.

H40 – one creative space, endless possibilities – is located in the Prague Market, which aspires to become a new creative quarter. A wide reconstruction of the Prague Market has been planned by the City of Prague. Reconstruction of the H40 (Hall40) already finished last summer and we opened in September 2020.



Creative incubator

We have provided the creative incubation programme since September 2020. 

Up to June 2021 we have incubated 12 projects/companies related to the art and new technologies.

We offer the three-month incubation programme with the private mentor and other mentors (according the project’s needs). 

We have created professional network of mentors and lectors, who understand the specific needs of Art&Digital business. 

On the other side, we have created the Alumni Programme which helps to grow the Art&Digital community. 

Up to the mentoring, the projects can use the wide range of new technologies which are available in the Art&Digital Lab H40.


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What are we looking for?

Czech and international partners. 

Would you like to share the experience with Art&Digital projects? Get to know more about Creative Incubation or try to boost your creative ideas with new technologies?


Currently in process:

  • Looking for international partners for Creative Europe Programme
  • Looking for international partners for EEA and Norway Grants
  • We are interested in international partnerships in creative and innovative projects


Get in touch

Lukas Drevjany/ H40 Art&Digital Lab / Artists & Technology


tel: +420 734 412 721


Michaela Kasparek Mixova/ H40 Art&Digital Lab / Creative Incubator


tel.: +420 605 267 778